Magnificence on Display!

by Creation Museum on February 13, 2015


Just outside the Insectorium in the lower level of the Creation Museum, our guests will see a gorgeous butterfly exhibit with many teaching points. These butterflies were donated by Gary Dennison, who for years has been mounting specimens on branches of wood and enclosing them in domes. What really makes this display special is the way that we have the domes rotating under the lights and how it brings out the beautiful display of colors (if the domes are not rotating, step into the Insectorium and that will trigger the mechanism that will cause them to rotate). And the teaching points! On display are the iridescent blue and white male and yellow and black female of the same species. You are probably thinking, “No big deal”; but the female gets her color from pigment and the male’s color comes from a complex scale structure with specific reflective properties. Still not impressed? Well, in human terms, that would be like boys and girls having not only different colors of skin but also completely different skin structures! There are other intriguing facts revealed about other species in this display that will cause you to say, “Truly, we serve an amazing God!”