Acts of Worship: Objects of Ritual

by Creation Museum on December 15, 2014

A special treat for guests to the Creation Museum is the rotating exhibits presented by the Museum of the Bible. Soon to be on display for six months is “Acts of Worship: Objects of Ritual,” which will take the place of “Preserving the Word: Scribal Practice though Time.”

Acts of Worship: Objects of Ritual

Since Scripture is central to the Jewish world, it is instrumental in shaping the way in which the religiously observant engage with text and demonstrate reverence through worship. Much like the Christian world, the cultures of faith within Judaism are manifold and vary from one tradition to another. Such nuances are often best understood through the examination of material culture, along with the behavioral characteristic that makes these varying forms of worship distinct.

This new exhibit will showcase how Jewish material culture is employed in specific rituals within three major groups: European, Spanish/North African, and Middle Eastern.

The beautiful objects in each group are the result of the environments and communities from which they originate and are implements of prayer, grievance, celebration, and remembrance. Though inanimate in nature, they take on breath and life in ritual.

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