Dino Dig: Become A Paleontologist (for a Week!)

by Creation Museum on April 4, 2012

Room is still available on both of our Dinosaur Digs with Buddy Davis this fall in Glendive, Montana. Jill Gregory, one our our “Dino Dig Alumni.” writes today to tell you about her adventure:

When I was 6 years old I dreamed of living in Egypt and becoming an archeologist and living a life of adventure and treasure hunting. Now 30-plus years later as a wife and mother of four living in the Midwest, my adventurous treasure hunting is limited to when I vacuum under the couch cushions.That was until my husband and I had the most amazing time joining the Creation Museum and F.A.C.T. [Foundation Advancing Creation Truth] on a Dinosaur Dig on the eastern edge of Montana. For one week, we became paleontologists (close enough to archeologist for me!) and dug to find treasure in the badlands of Montana. To actually be a part of finding dinosaur bones was the most amazing experience! Everyone on our team found some dinosaur bones and we even took home some of our findings to show our family and friends.

Buddy Davis was an amazing instructor. During the day, he and his wife worked alongside us and at night we had a wonderful time singing and learning from him. We were given solid instruction in the Truth! We were given example after example of a young earth, worldwide flood, etc. It was invaluable instruction.

Some families came with their children (ages 12 and up are allowed on the dig). What an amazing experience and memory for them! A few families homeschooled their children and this was a part of the curriculum—talk about the ultimate field trip!! At meals we really got to know our fellow “dig-mates” and we have stayed in touch with some. I refer to myself as a Dino Dig Alumni—it is a special group, you should prayerfully consider if this is the year you will join our Alumni group!

The Creation Museum is organizing two trips this year, August 13-17 and September 10-14 in Glendive, Montana. The cost is $950 ($925 for Creation Museum members). The fee covers transportation for dig activities while in Glendive, dig training, assistance and equipment, programs by Buddy Davis, and lunches and dinners. You will be responsible for your lodging and your transportation to Glendive. For us, we decided to drive and enjoy the beautiful scenery leading up to the dig. I also enjoyed the 23 hours of driving with my husband alone; no kids, no distractions. I guess I will have to ask him how he felt about it!

When you go, look for the dinosaur vertebrae I found with the all three processes still intact at the F.A.C.T. museum. I asked if a plaque could be placed by it saying “generously donated by up and coming Paleontologist Jill Gregory..” Otis Kline, the founder of F.A.C.T., shook his head and smiled. Maybe I will make my own plaque. I guess that means I need to vacuum under the couch cushions again.

Be sure to visit our Dinosaur Dig webpage (including details on how to register).