Hear Ye!

by Creation Museum on December 13, 2011

If you “like” the Creation Museum on Facebook, you probably saw yesterday’s “Microscopic Monday” photo:

Here's the answer from Dr. David Menton:

This is a light micrograph of the human organ of Corti within the Cochlea of the inner ear. This astounding organ functions as a transducer converting the mechanical energy of sound into electrical signals that go to the brain where they are perceived as sound. This is achieved by an outrageously complex system of microscopic hairs (stereo cilia) with ion channels in their tips which are covered by molecular trapdoors that open and close by means of molecular springs.
To learn fascinating details about the organ of Corti and the process of hearing, check out the Hearing Ear and Seeing Eye DVD by Dr. Menton or attend his workshop on the Hearing Ear and the Seeing Eye at the Creation Museum.