Answers for Kids: Christmas Town!

by Creation Museum on November 30, 2011

December 15, 16, 19, and 30: Special Free Kids Workshop

Children of all ages are in for a treat as Ruth Carter will present her workshop, “Christmas Town Kids.”
During this action-packed hour, families will discover the identity of God’s greatest gift. This engaging and educational workshop will also give children an opportunity to make a craft that will help them remember the significance of the Savior’s birth over 2 millennia ago in Bethlehem—the first Christmas Town.
Ruth and her husband, Steve, coordinate the volunteer program for Answers in Genesis. The daughter of missionaries, she was raised in Africa and has many years experience as a children’s teacher and curriculum writer. She also presents the energetic “Answers for Kids” workshop series, which topics include the following: “Fun with Fossils, Jr.,” “Monkey Business,” and “Fun with Genesis One.”
This workshop is being offered free as a special limited offer this Christmas season. Tickets are not available for pre-reservation. Tickets may only be obtained the day of the workshop from ticketing staff on-site at the Creation Museum.