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by Creation Museum on July 28, 2011
Eve Remembered

Eve Remembered

The Creation Museum’s Geri Campbell will be presenting her live presentation of Eve Remembered tomorrow, Friday, July 29, at 3 PM in the Special Effects Theater. In this compelling drama, Campbell, along with her ten-year-old daughter, depicts what life must have been like for Eve after she and Adam disobeyed God.

Tickets are $2 ($10 maximum for families). Call Customer Service for more information at (800) 778-3390.

“I can see my house from here”

That was one of the many captions we received yesterday for the photo of the day. Thanks again to everyone for your fun captions. We hope you enjoy this as much as we do!


Turtles are some of the most unique of God’s creatures. Their combination of shells, beaks, and limb structures may be the most unusual physical design among all vertebrates (their shoulder blade is actually inside their ribcage!). Turtle origins have always been a mystery to evolutionists, since all fossil turtles have looked, well, like turtles.

You can read more about these fascinating creatures at by searching for “turtle.”

Today’s Photo

We found this relic in the portico area of the museum. We can’t wait to read your captions for this one!