In Search of the Humpback Whale

by Creation Museum on November 6, 2009

Tomorrow The Ocean Adventure returns to the Creation Museum. Once again Wayne and Karen Brown will lead an exciting adventure diving into the ocean.

The last time they came to the Creation Museum they showed us an expedition to the Caribbean Sea; and this time they'll return in search of humpback whales! You can journey along with the Browns on a thrilling adventure in search of humpback whales in the warm waters of the Silver Bank by the Caribbean Sea!

Using unique props, specimens, breathtaking photography, storytelling techniques, and audience participation, this presentation will allow you to experience an actual expedition exploring the world of the humpbacked whales from the Caribbean Sea to the North Atlantic. You'll see male humpback whales competing for mates and hear males singing underwater love songs to attract females. The highlight of the presentation is a swim with a mother humpback whale and her newborn baby. You'll then journey on to Gloucester, Massachusetts where the Browns will join one of the Silver Bank whale researchers on another expedition boat as they travel to the humpback whales' feeding grounds in cold waters of the Stellwagen Bank, off the coast of Massachuesetts. You'll even see mother humpbacks teaching their babies how to catch their food by making "bubble nets".

You can read more about the Browns at their website. They are a husband and wife underwater explorer team combining their talents as marine biologist, pilot, actor, comedian, artist, authors, lecturers, storytellers, educators, scuba diving instructors, award-winning underwater photographers.

These exciting shows will take place at 12:00 and 5:00. The cost for this presentation is just $4.00 per person (children under two admitted free).