Christmas Decorations Blend into Museum Walk-through

by Creation Museum on February 3, 2009

Over the past month or so, we have added several new items to the Creation Museum walk-through.

Many of these decorations were produced for our Bethlehem’s Blessings program during the 2008 Christmas season. The design team and artists here at the Creation Museum always do wonderful work, and these excellently themed pieces are no exception.

During Bethlehem's Blessings these pieces were strategically placed along the Road to Bethlehem to give guests the feeling that they were immersed in first century Bethlehem.


Now that these items have been moved into the Museum, they blend wonderfully with their surroundings in the Ark Construction Site and the first-century décor of the Three C's Room just outside the Last Adam Theater.

Blending In Blending In

You can also find new touches along the Creation Walk where our artists have added new plants and animals to the Garden of Eden several times over the past year.

New Items

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