Inside a 5th grade class room

by Creation Museum on October 8, 2008

We would like to share an email with you that one of our Museum employees recently received. It was from an out of state family member who had come to visit them and the Museum this past summer. The employee’s 10 year old nephew Evan attends 5th grade in public school, and when a brand new student named David joined his class, Evan’s mom encouraged him to befriend the new classmate. Perhaps the Lord already had a plan, because the lunch seats are assigned by the teachers, and wouldn’t you know, Evan and David were seated right next to each other. It was during lunch that the two boys decided to play a game called “Random Facts”, and the conversation went like this:

David: “People evolved from Apes” Evan: “That’s not true” David: “Ok, from monkeys” Evan: “That’s not true” David: “Ok, from gorillas” Evan: “That’s not true” David: “Ok, from chimps” Evan: “That’s not true” David: “Ok, we mutated” Evan: “That’s not true” David: “You don’t believe in evolution, do you?” Evan: “No, God created us and put us here on earth.”

Evan returned home and said, “Mom, we need to invite David to the Creation Museum and to church!”

Now, we don’t know what touches us more, the fact that this 10 year old stood his ground in defending his faith and sees the need to introduce his classmates to Jesus Christ, or the fact that there is actually a place this child can bring his classmate to that stands on the word of God and can give scientific answers in regard to the topic of evolution.

We hope to see Evan and David here at the Creation Museum soon, just like we’ve seen students from all over the country come and learn and grow in their knowledge and faith. Perhaps you can think of someone you would like to take to the Creation Museum on your next visit!