Two Planetarium Shows

by Creation Museum on November 5, 2007

Two planetarium shows will be available beginning Monday–Thursday from Nov. 5 through Dec. 19. You can explore "The Created Cosmos" and/or journey through the rings of Saturn and other places in our solar system in the new and LIMITED FEATURE PRESENTATION of "Worlds of Creation."

"The Created Cosmos" planetarium show explores scale in the universe. Viewers will experience what it is like to travel to the most distant known regions in the universe. We visit Alpha Centauri, and travel to Orion’s Belt. We visit planets orbiting distant stars. We journey to a pulsar in the M4 globular cluster, and then leap out of galaxy to the Virgo cluster—and beyond. Viewers will experience the awesome scale in the universe and see that the cosmos confirms biblical creation.

"The Worlds of Creation" planetarium show takes viewers on a virtual tour of the solar system. In this show, we visit each of the planets of the solar system. We land on the surface of Mars and watch its two moons orbit. We travel through the rings of Saturn. We learn how the planets Uranus and Neptune confirm the biblical age of the solar system. Viewers will experience first-hand how each of these worlds confirms biblical creation. Come and join us for a wonderful experience through God's marvelous creation.