Meet our newest Security Officer

by Creation Museum on September 5, 2006

The AiG Security Department would like to introduce the most recent addition to its staff.

Kayla is a three-year-old Dutch Shepherd and she was imported from Belgium at one year of age by the law enforcement K-9 training facility in Indiana. There she underwent extensive training in bomb detection and patrol techniques. She was also deployed to Iraq for 18 months of service with our troops there. She arrived back in Indiana in June of this year and was first observed by our K-9 unit in training there at that time.

Both K-9 Officer Dave and his partner, Jack, thought that this young lady would be a great partner for our second handler, Officer Kevin (although we are suspect about Jack’s motives).

Kevin and Kayla will be continuing their training to ensure that staff, guests and property are well protected.

We ask that you keep Kevin and Kayla in your prayers as they begin their training together.