Operations on the move

by Creation Museum on June 28, 2006

Things continue to get crazier around here as we start gearing up for the grand opening. Because we’re the Operations Team for the Creation Museum, we’re taking this time before opening to set procedures and organize lectures and programs so we are ready to go next year!

One of the big things we’ve been doing is creating new positions and hiring new people as we see the need. I wanted to take this blog entry to tell you about a couple of the new positions and new employees.

First, April started in the museum department in the beginning of May. April has been with Answers in Genesis for two years and was formerly Assistant to the VP of Marketing and Media. April is now a Programs and Events Coordinator for the Operations Team. April is assisting with the planning for our final Behind the Scenes open house coming up for our museum members. In addition, she is laying all of the groundwork for lecture series, day camps and other educational opportunities for museum guests to participate in when we open.


Mary has become the Programs/Events Manager. Mary has been with Answers in Genesis for around ten years and has served in various roles within the ministry. Mary is overseeing all of the programs and special events that are happening now as well as scheduling things for in the future.


Another new addition is Kirk. This is Kirk’s first week, and he is our new Volunteer Coordinator. Kirk’s main job function will be to schedule different groups to come in and volunteer as well as keep track of who is staying in the Deck Lane House (a house on the Creation Museum property that we have available for volunteers and specialized contractors to stay in).


Dave has been recently promoted from the Housekeeping Manager to the new Guest Services Manager. Dave has been with Answers in Genesis for a year now, and will be responsible for the guest experience as well as the housekeeping and accommodation departments. Dave has a particularly difficult job in trying to figure out how to keep a construction site clean now, in addition to planning for when we open!


Finally, Ted has been with Answers in Genesis for eight years and has been part of the Operations team for over a year now. Ted was recently promoted from the Guest Services Manager to the Director of Operations for the Creation Museum. Ted is doing a great job and has been working with other museums across the country to get procedures in place now so that we are ready to open next year.


God has really blessed us with talented people for the Operations team here at the Creation Museum. We pray that our hard work and planning now will pay off for your first visit once we’re open.

Thanks again for joining us. We appreciate all of your prayers and support for the museum.