Weekly Update---Things are changing

by Creation Museum on November 16, 2005

This past week, work continued throughout the museum, both inside and outside. Inside, the fabrication team continued working in the bookstore, soundproofing the planetarium, and working on the front of the Special Effects Theater. In the bookstore they were able to finish hanging the rubber membrane, placing the rubber brackets and installing the drywall on one of the walls. Next week they will continue to finish the remaining wall. In front of the theater they continued to change the look of the doors and also the back side of the exhibit bays.

Work began on the wall above the rocks in the Dig Site, and over the weekend the muralist began painting the scenery. The muralist also continued painting over the entry doors in the lobby. Office moves also took place as the museum team continues to grow.

Work continued outside on the waterfalls. Tim and Josh continued placing rocks on the second waterfall. Next spring it is going to be a beautiful sight to see those waterfalls running as you walk up the sidewalk to the museum entrance.

Thanks again for joining us. We appreciate all of your prayers and support for the museum.