Weekly Update—Museum Activity

by Creation Museum on October 27, 2005

Last week was full of excitement here at the museum. Throughout the week we prepared for our last Behind the Scenes Open House for Charter Members for this year and at the beginning of the week we were anticipating around 500 people. By the time the Behind the Scenes was over on Friday we had 734 people attend this event. This was the first time we had that many people in the museum and it was a great success. Next week there will be several features on the Creation Museum blog that will highlight many of the events from the day—so stay tuned!

The fabrication team continued their work on moving walls in the Consummation Theater/Chapel area along with finishing the table tops for the Café. Mark, one of the fabrication team members, picked up where Patrick Marsh left off on painting the Styrofoam walls in the Café as well.

Tim, Josh and Jerry (volunteer) finished the landscaping at the front entrance and along the front of the building. The landscape has come alive with color from the fall leaves and the new landscaping.

Thanks again for joining us. We appreciate all of your prayers and support for the museum.