Things Are Looking Different

by Creation Museum on September 21, 2005

The week of the 12th was exciting for the Museum Team. Several of us started out the week in Dallas, Texas at a special fundraising event with Zig Ziglar with over $50,000 being raised for the museum.

Back at the museum work continued in the café and theater. Tim and Ethan worked on the booths for the café. Tim worked on the cushions and Ethan, along with several of the other fabricators, cut the table tops for the booths. Work inside the theater continued as well with several contracted companies running electrical lines to prepare for the sound system. They also began work on the lighting in front of the theater. Lou, a volunteer from Florida, painted areas of the Creation Walk and Lobby.

Outside, the grounds crew continued to work on the waterfall and irrigation system. The stonework on the front gate also kept going and hopefully by the end of the month this will be completed and the remainder of the fence will be installed.

Jesse and Travis, 2 of our artists, have been painting bark onto the cypress trees in the main lobby. It has been a neat process to watch how they are painting bark on these trees by utilizing a picture of the bark on a real cypress tree. They are so talented and it amazes me how God has brought them aboard to help with this museum project.

The other big highlight from the week was the Behind-the-Scenes (BTS) Open House for Charter Members. It was so exciting to see everyone come through for the BTS and even more exciting to see the kids’ faces when they saw the exhibits and dinosaurs! Ken speaks and takes pictures with the Charter Members and the artists work in the Plaza Area so everyone can see how they create the sculptors and paintings. There are also plenty of resources to purchase in the Dragon Hall Bookstore, even though it is not finished yet. To see Charter Members and their guests walk out of the museum with these resources it such a blessing. Overall it was a fun week!

Thanks again for joining us. We appreciate all of your prayers and support for the museum.