Volunteers make it happen!

by Creation Museum on June 13, 2005

“We couldn’t have done it without them!” Museum fabrication manager, LeRoy LaMontagne, is thrilled with the assistance of volunteers who helped build a truss bridge for the Lakeside trail.

While many college students headed to the beach for spring break, a team of 36 students, mostly from Purdue University, Indiana, spent their break working at AiG for 10+ hours per day. As in years past, we could count on them to make some big projects happen! They helped build and install the trusses and 52'beams (weighing at least 1,000 lbs!); they also seeded, planted pansies, graded some berms, moved dinosaurs and taxidermy, unloaded 13 semi-trailers, and more.

The many families, church groups, and individuals who volunteer truly keep things moving here, and they encourage the staff with their testimony. Why not spend your next vacation serving God at AiG?

Bridge with trusses and beams in place: 18 March 2005

“Whether shrink wrapping or seeding the lawn, it has given me time to mull over biblical concepts and to pray for those who will benefit from my work. I come away with a courage and excitement about speaking the truth in love.” Sarah P., volunteer

“Before I arrived, I wondered to myself, ‘Answers in Genesis is a great ministry, but are they biting off more than they can chew?’ As I go back to a questioning Purdue University, I will take a valuable lesson with me. I know that people can sometimes bite off more than they can chew, but God can’t.” Zach E., volunteer