Making a Difference

by Creation Museum on July 31, 2003

Many hands make light work

While some people are able and willing to break open their wallets to help the museum, some are glad to break a sweat (literally) to help the project along! Dozens of volunteers have come to AiG so far this year to help however they can, and we really put them to work:

  • Skilled operators using a mini-excavator and bobcat excavated the nature trail on the south side of the lake.

  • Many volunteers endured the blazing summer heat while doing some clean-up for the nature trail—picking up sticks, mowing, weeding, laying mulch, cutting exposed roots, etc.

  • One team of 15 volunteers laid the gravel for the trail on the south side of the lake, finishing much of the excavation and gravel in a one-week visit!

  • Several volunteers have worked hard on warehouse renovations, building workshop tables and preparing space for future museum exhibit construction.

  • Wooden bases for T. rex sculptures (for a special fundraising offer earlier this year) were made.

  • Volunteers on the construction site backfilled foundation walls with gravel and prepared foundations for waterproofing.

  • Bulletin boards for storyboarding purposes in the museum exhibit department were built.

Even rocks make great gifts!

In addition to the many hours of labor donated by volunteers, the museum project has been blessed with other non- cash gifts through the “Gifts in Kind” program. For example, one supporter in Grandville, MI recently donated an enormous mineral collection—providing an array of geologic specimens for eventual use in the museum.

Another faithful AiG supporter is providing the use of a “Redi-Rock” system for making retaining walls while the building is under construction. The system allows us to pour extra concrete into forms to create huge building blocks for retaining walls. With the help of many volunteers over the last several months, we have already built a beautiful, natural-looking retaining wall!

As you can see, support for the Creation Museum comes in many shapes and sizes—various parts of the body of Christ using their God-given gifts to help make this museum a reality!