Zip Line Courses and Prices

Several options are available, so there is something to fit everyone’s budget. Prices listed are per person. Full payment is required when reserving your tour. Buy tickets online or call (800) 721-2298 today to make your reservation!

Keep in mind that start times and course completion times are approximate. Start times may be delayed due to weather, “fear factors,” and so on. Also, some folks are faster than others and groups pace themselves differently, and these differences can affect course completion times.

When making a reservation for a group of ten or more participants, full payment is expected in one transaction. It is the group leader’s responsibility to be reimbursed by the group participants.

Please read all “Can I Zip?” requirements before making a reservation.


Ptero-Soar: Level 1


Soar over our three-acre lake! Price includes five zip lines, beginning with a 660-foot flight across the lake. The Ptero-Soar should take about one hour.

Adventure Tour: Level 2

$59 (just add $20 to the Level 1 price)

Take some time to get a bird’s-eye view by trekking through the treetops on a series of interconnected zip lines and sky bridges. You should plan up to two hours for this thrilling adventure. This tour includes level 1.

Adventure Tour Plus: Level 3

$89 (just add $30 to the Level 2 price)

Need more excitement? The next level of adventure features up to 17 zip lines and 7 sky bridges with heights ranging up to 100 ft. in the air. You should plan on three hours for the Adventure Tour Plus. This tour includes levels 1–2.

Adventure Tour Extreme: Level 4

$118 (just add $29 to the Level 3 price)

Haven’t had enough? Need more bragging rights? The Adventure Tour Extreme features up to 20 zip lines and 11 sky bridges. This tour will include a zip line over 900 feet and our super zip line called “Mega Zip.” The Mega Zip is nearly 1,800 feet long—which is six football fields long—and it has two lines that can be used for racing. This tour includes levels 1–3.

Each Adventure Tour Extreme participant can also purchase a general admission ticket to the Creation Museum for just $10 (general admission adult tickets normally cost $29.95). This option is only available with levels 4 and 5.

Five-Hour Rush: Level 5

$169 (Just add $41 to the Level 4 price)

Enjoy a five-hour complete zip experience. Mix and match the zip lines, aerial challenge course, and free fall experience for five hours in a custom adventure. You will even have the opportunity to choose to do some of your favorites more than once!

Each Five-Hour Rush participant can also purchase a general admission ticket to the Creation Museum for just $10 (general admission adult tickets normally cost $29.95). This option is only available with levels 4 and 5.

Raptor’s Nest—Aerial Adventure Park

$24.95 (children’s course); $39.95 (adult course)

Children and adults alike will love our Aerial Adventure Park. There is something for children ages five and up as well as adults of all ages and experience levels. Suit up, strap in, and climb into a series of high and challenging elements (up to 45 feet high). Try out the swinging planks, the slide, the loop-to-loops, and over a dozen more elements without ever touching the ground! Whether you want to have a thrill, gain confidence, or build a team, our Raptor’s Nest is for you! See more information.

Dragon’s Descent—Free Fall Experience

$9.95 (single free fall); $17.95 (double free fall)

Step off into a new kind of wow with the Creation Museum’s new free fall, Dragon’s Descent. Once you leave the platform, there’s nothing but gravity between you and the ground as you plummet more than four stories before safely coming to rest on your feet. It’s not a bungee jump, but a controlled descent—a unique system that safely offers you the maximum thrill of a free fall without the recoil of a bungee. See more information.

* Note: The exact number of zip lines and sky bridges may vary depending on the route taken.