Dramas with Matthew Michael Moore

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Matthew Michael Moore, is a professional actor, director, and educator with a passion for bringing Scriptures to life on the stage. With two decades of experience and a Master of Fine Arts in classical acting, Matthew combines well-trained artistry, careful Biblical research, and a reverent spirit for a passionate performance you will not soon forget. Matthew Moore is the founder of Lamp and Light Productions, which exists to help people see, hear, and experience the power of the Word.

Matthew presents a variety of presentations at the Creation Museum, straight from the pages of Scripture.

  • King David: Scenes from Scripture
  • This is a dynamic, 45-minute retelling of King David’s triumphs and tragedies straight from five books of the Old Testament. The performance weaves together nearly 20 key scenes from David’s life, beginning with his anointing and ending with his death. Matthew will both inspire and exhort audiences to be “people after God’s own heart.”

  • John's Gospel: So That You May Believe
  • This is a 45-minute performance of selected portions from the book of John. Experience the power of Jesus’ teachings, the miracles, the crucifixion, and the resurrection!

  • Paul the Apostle
  • This is a 45-minute presentation that combines the book of Acts with eight of the epistles! Hear about the exciting life of Paul in the book of Acts and listen to Paul as he challenges and encourages fellow believers in the epistles. Feel the passion and power of Paul's exhortation to the church!

Tickets for these events are $2.95 per person. Purchase your tickets in advance online.