Over 150 Deaf guests and families at Creation Museum Deaf Day!

by Creation Museum on September 9, 2010

A report from Stephanie McDorman, Creation Museum Registrar

Walking through the Creation Museum and seeing guests everywhere is always a joy, but I especially loved it on Monday.  Everywhere I went, people were engaged in conversations using American Sign Language (ASL).  It was our first Deaf Day, and we were thrilled to have over 150 Deaf guests and family members at the museum.

Volunteer interpreters

Volunteer T-shirts

We had 27 volunteers, both interpreters and Deaf, so there were enough people to help with ticket sales, interpreting in theaters, giving directions and more.  The Men in White shows in the afternoon were captioned and interpreted in ASL, as was Steve Ham’s presentation, “Is Genesis Relevant in Today’s World?”

Signing the Men in White

Interpreting for Steve Ham

Some Deaf people came a long way for this event. One lady flew in from Pennsylvania.  One group left Georgia at 5 AM to come to the museum, then headed home after closing—that makes for a long day!  Others came from West Virginia, Wisconsin, Ohio and Indiana.

Signing the Dinosaurs and Dragon Legends presentation

The Creation Museum booth was at the DeaFestival in Horse Cave, Kentucky on September 4th.  Volunteer interpreters handed out 2,500 flyers that day!

Many heard about the event through the Silent Word newspaper. Three volunteers came from Silent Word Ministries, including the organization’s president Jon Barr and his wife Diane.  The SWM newspaper is published every 2 months with a circulation of about 13,000 people.  We are thankful for their partnership in this special event!

Talking with guests

We plan to offer a Deaf Day again in the future.  We could use more volunteers (enough to rotate and let the volunteers have breaks), so if you know ASL well and would like to help, please go to our website and complete the Volunteer Application.