Dinosaur Dig: Friday

by Creation Museum on August 2, 2010

A Report from the Field, by Creation Museum Registrar Stephanie McDorman

Linda found a big bone today, which she got to plaster and remove herself.

Everyone worked hard to make the last day count!

Well, almost everyone worked hard.

Many of the fossils we found this week were laid out on the table Friday evening.

Here are some that we plastered. They were "flipped" when they were removed, and the bottom hasn't been cleaned, so you are seeing a lot of dirt here that still needs to be removed.

The chef outdid himself Friday evening with an amazing dinner--bacon-wrapped filet mignon with huge shrimp and lovely cheesecake for dessert. After dinner, we closed out the week with Buddy leading us in "Billions of Dead Things," then a slideshow with pictures from the week, and some fellowship and sharing time.