Spoken from Memory

by Creation Museum on May 13, 2010

In June Tom Meyer will be presenting at the Creation Museum, reciting of the creation, of the world, the Garden of Eden, a talking snake, the first murder, men who lived to be 1000, giants, the flood of the world and the Tower of Babel.  For an entire week he will be performing each day at 3:00 in the Museum's Special Effects Theater.  These sessions will be a remarkable time as you listen to these chapters of ancient Biblical history that are so foundational to the rest of the Bible, and all Christian doctrine.

Tom is a student and missionary in Israel where he just finished up his second Master's Degree at Jerusalem University College and will be ministering in the states for duration until he weds in Jerusalem next year.  He works with Wordsower International Ministries which tells the Word of God from memory in the Church and with the money raised supports Christian orphans and widows and missionaries like Tom.  Tom’s interest in memorizing books of the Bible began as a child, when he memorized the backs of baseball cards for fun.  Now he can see how God used this mental hobby to prepare him for his current ministry.

These presentations take place at 3:00 each day June 21 through 25.  Entry is free with paid museum admission or Museum membership. You can learn more about Tom Meyer at his website.