Better than Ever!

by Creation Museum on May 7, 2010

The Stargazer’s Planetarium is back in operation today.  The Creation Museum’s audio visual team spent the first part of this week installing two new projectors in the theater.  No mere replacements, these new projectors are a major upgrade in capability.  The shows you watch in the Planetarium will now be full 1080p (High Definition) quality!

Just as God brought the animals to Noah so he brought the people and resources needed for this upgrade here to the Creation Museum.  We give all praise and all glory and all honor to the One who created the universe, the God of the Bible.

If you have seen the Planetarium before, you need to come back and see it once more—be prepared to be astonished all over again.  If you’ve never seen it, now is the time!  When Dr. Jason Lisle wrote the shows for the Planetarium, he created them in such a way that the quality would improve as the system was upgraded.  The experience at the Stargazer’s Planetarium was already amazing with our full color digital projection system (in contrast to old style projectors) but now it is much improved.  The graphics are crisper, colors richer, and detail finer than ever before.  When asked to describe the new system, Dr. Lisle had only one word: “awesome!”

Catch a breathtaking show the next time you visit the Creation Museum.  Every day we offer our main show, the amazing Created Cosmos, to take you on a tour across the breadth of the universe.  See the colors of the Milky Way spread across the thirty-foot domed screen and fly through globular clusters.  You will feel as though you are in the middle of the action as the show takes you to other star systems and beyond our galaxy.

Some days we also offer a second show such as the Worlds of Creation, a tour through our solar system.  On these days there is a discount when you purchase both presentations.  Consult a Guest Services Representative or a Daily Schedule when you arrive for theater show times.