Network with Us

by Creation Museum on July 7, 2009

Did you know that the Creation Museum is active on both Facebook and Twitter?

Come on over and see what these sites have to offer. There's always something fun going on at Twitter with frequent updates and even fun games. In Tuesdays on Twitter, we like to play a little game called TwitPic Tuesday. The rule is simple: the first person to reply to our tweet (on Twitter) gets to request a photo of something from the Creation Museum, and we'll post it on TwitPic. Come join the fun!

If you visit our Facebook page you'll get a chance to meet many of the Museum's fans. Currently there are over 4000 people following the Museum's Facebook page. Come and join in the fun yourself. You can see museum photos, information on upcoming events, and much more on our page!

Our parent ministry Answers in Genesis is on Facebook and Twitter as well. You can even find more information about our award winning Answers Magazine and our Answers VBS programs.

(Please note that Facebook and Twitter are both social networking sites with user-contributed content. Children should not visit the sites without parental supervision.)