2006 Construction Progress Report

by Creation Museum on December 27, 2006

It has been a very busy time here at the Creation Museum. Our staff has been blessed to have many volunteers coming from all over the country. We see work happening day after day, and it is a great blessing. I can see Colossians 3:17 being worked out every day – “Whatever you do in word and deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks through Him to God the Father.” There is something very special about being chosen to do a certain work that you enjoy day after day. We have also been blessed by several temporary agency employees that have come to know the Lord, and we get to see lives changing sometimes on a daily basis. Patrick Marsh, Design Director, and I have realized from the very beginning that God is at work in changing lives and He is not about to wait until the museum is open.

The projects we have been working on inside are:

Café extension - A new 1000 sq. ft. additional floor space with Dino footprints and fern branch impressions, glass walls being moved, more cabinets for serving lots of delicious food, a new 3000 sq. ft. deck outside the café that goes down to the lake.

Portico enclosure – With the anticipated number of people coming to see the museum increasing, the original lobby space was not going to adequately hold everyone. So, glass has been added to the entire front of the portico adding another 6800 sq. ft. of inside space. The 8500 sq. ft. of glass surface will enable you to look out across the lake and see the beautiful waterfalls and nature trail.

Bookstore – The Dragon Hall Bookstore is almost finished. During the Christmas break the final coats of finish will be put down on the floor and the last few items will be finalized. After the first of the year, construction will begin on the ticket area. This opening was originally to be outside before the Portico was renovated, and now will be doubled in size to ensure we can serve the many people who will be coming through the museum.

Operations office and walk-in freezer for the Café – More office space was needed for the operations staff, and a walk-in freezer/cooler was needed for the Café.

Planetarium – This area is complete, and many visitors have already enjoyed shows during the Behind the Scenes Open Houses.

Special Effects Theater – In a few months new seats will be installed, they will have special effects built into them to enhance our state-of-the-art multimedia programs. Work will begin on the stage to accommodate three screens.

Upper mezzanine – From the Dig Site all the way to the Wonders Room, work is continuing every day. The wall coverings are being applied and will be ready for the artists and painters to begin working in these areas.

Creation Walk to the Noah’s Ark area – We just finished the frame work for the overhead lighting and the lighting will arrive in February. The transformers and main switchboxes have been installed and will be tested in January. Thanks to Alex, who has been hard at work designing and working with contractors to get the lighting installed. A lot of rock surface material has been applied with a new concrete pump headed up by Bob.

The sculptors are very busy shaping the rocks, Tree of Life, animal figures and many other projects. The talent could only have been brought together by the same God that brought together the workers to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. Noah’s Ark is about ready for the outside surface to be applied, and at this time the space inside of the Ark is being used to make wall tiles.

Jerusalem area to the Chapel – A lot of work has been completed in this area. The CNC machine has been cutting out architectural shapes that are being textured, painted and installed. The realistic appearance makes this area to look like you went back in time.

Plaza area – A new theater is underway and the footers for the mezzanine are being completed now. The wall texture is almost completed in the open area, and soon the roof for the coffee shop will be built.

Pavilions & Pergola – Outside, the footers are finished for the pavilions which will be installed in mid-January, and the slabs will be poured after that. Kim has been working hard with his crew on the pavilions, pergola, and outside restrooms, along with several other projects.

Electrical grid – The electrical grid is about done, which includes the main switchbox along with a transformer. Our Electrical/ Mechanical Engineer Denver, Master Electrician Mark, Electrical Assistant Roger, and other electricians have made a great team.

There are so many other people working here at the museum who are dedicated to the work they do. It is a blessing for me to see Christ working in all of us, and how much we can get accomplished. We are grateful for the prayers we know are coming our way, and we ask everyone to continue to pray for us as we get closer to finishing this project.

We are grateful to the many volunteers who have come to help us. A group from South Carolina came and helped build bridges in June and October. In June a curved bridge, waterfall bridge and floating bridge were built, and then in October the suspension bridge and floating bridge were completed. Thanks to all the workers, as well as the support team, for all of their hard work. They had great fellowship as well as getting a lot done during their time here.

Thanks again for joining us. We appreciate all of your prayers and support for the museum.