Museum Special Events

by Creation Museum on December 20, 2006

Behind the Scenes – July 28, 2006 With over 2,600 people visiting the museum and 120 AiG employees and volunteers working for the Behind the Scenes Open House, it was an exciting and busy day. The day’s activities included a special presentation with Ken Ham, office tours, artists’ presentations, and a Noah’s Ark presentation. This was the first Behind the Scenes in which guests were allowed on the Creation Walk due to previous construction. Two other highlights for guests were the Stargazer’s Room planetarium and the Dragon Hall bookstore. Guests viewed a three-minute preview of the planetarium show created by Dr. Jason Lisle and enjoyed all the new AiG books and DVDs in the bookstore.

Created to Run 7K – August 19, 2006 The first ever Created to Run 7K was held in Columbus, Ohio as a result of supporter Rob Fill’s efforts to help the museum fundraising efforts. We had a beautiful day for the event with 104 participants and raised $4,865.36 for the Creation Museum! We are looking to do something like this again next year, so stay tuned for details!

3rd Annual Motorcycle Rally – September 23, 2006 Our 3rd Annual Motorcycle Rally fundraiser was a huge success this year despite the bad weather. Even though it poured most of the day, a dedicated few came out for the ride and even more came to the museum to share the excitement of what is happening! In total, we had 113 Bikers and raised $9,300+ through donations, registrations, t-shirt sales, and Do-Rag sales. Our date is set for next year already – September 8, 2007! We hope to have an even bigger turnout with the museum open!

Surprise Birthday Party – November 10, 2006 We had our very first birthday party here at the Museum in Noah’s Café in early November. This surprise birthday party was for Marlene who has been a faithful volunteer and friend of the ministry for over 12 years. Over 80 AiG employees, family members and church friends gathered to celebrate her 75th birthday.

Pastor’s Appreciation Dinner – November 11, 2006 We had the opportunity to host a Pastor’s Appreciation Dinner for a church located in Over-the-Rhine (a neighborhood in Cincinnati, Ohio). This church wanted to thank their 3 pastors for their service to the church and put together a nice dinner and program. The dinner was held in Noah’s Cafe and the guests moved onto the Special Effects Theater for worship, a special presentation by the kids, and great time of sharing. The dinner was an opportunity to reach out to the community, and it helped us plan for future special programs and events.

Bookstore Christmas Sale and Open House – December 9, 2006 As the final event open to the public in 2006, 1,100 people visited the Museum for the Christmas Bookstore Sale and Open House. Along with the great sales and discounts in the Dragon Hall Bookstore for Christmas shoppers, visitors were able to walk-thru the Museum, see the Stargazer’s Room Planetarium Show, and walk around the outside nature trails. We consider it a blessing and encouragement for all the supporters and visitors that stopped by the Museum for the day. We are excited for the Grand Opening and cannot wait to see everyone again.

Thanks again for joining us. We appreciate all of your prayers and support for the museum.